Past People of Oxfordshire

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About the project

As part of the Past People of Oxfordshire project, academics from the School of Archaeology of Oxford University worked with major stakeholders in the non-academic archaeological sector in Oxfordshire, namely commercial archaeologists (Oxford Archaeology), government planning archaeologists of the Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils, and museum curators, to draw together data on previously excavated burials in Oxfordshire into a single database. Due to resource limitations, this database is not a comprehensive record of all the archaeological burials from Oxfordshire, but, does include most of the principal burial sites, and many smaller and less well known ones. Unfortunately, there are no resources to maintain the database in the future (beyond January 2015), and results of subsequent excavations will not be included.

The Past People of Oxfordshire project has endeavoured to record information available for each site as accurately as possible, but information presented in the database reflects the opinions and state of knowledge of excavators and researchers at the time of writing, and not the personal views or interpretations of the project researchers. The Past People of Oxfordshire project accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of these records.

The Past People of Oxfordshire project is not in a position to grant permission for the reproduction of any illustrative material used here, rather permission must be granted by the relevant owners.


This project was a collaborative effort involving many individuals, who we wish to thank here. Special mention goes to

Mr David Moon of the Oxfordshire County Museum Services, Standlake

Dr Robert Kruszynski of the Natural History Museum, London

Ms Jill Greenaway of Reading Museum, Reading

Dr Eleanor Standley of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Dr Malgosia Novak-Kemp of the University Museum, Oxford

Dr Lucy Blaxland of the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

Dr Marta Mirazon Lahr of the Duckworth Collection, University of Cambridge

Thanks goes to the commercial archaeological units who made available their unpublished site reports (many of which are available on open access). These include Oxford Archaeology, John Moore Heritage Services, Thames Valley Archaeological Services and Cotswold Archaeological Trust.

The team

Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, University of Oxford
Dr Ceridwen Boston ([fdaknfuahk37h]
Prof. A. Mark Pollard (mark.pollard[fdaknfuahk37h]

Heritage Burial Services, Oxford Archaeology
Dr Louise Loe (louise.loe[fdaknfuahk37h]
Mr Lucian Pricop (IT officer) (lucian.pricop[fdaknfuahk37h]

Oxfordshire County Council Archaeological Services
Mr Hugh Coddington
Mr Richard Oram
Ms Susan Lisk

Oxford City Council Heritage and Specialist Services
Mr David Radford

For queries relating to the database, please contact[fdaknfuahk37h]